The Top 10 Phone Cases to Protect Your Device From Drops

With smartphones becoming an essential part of modern life, the last thing we want is for our expensive devices to meet an untimely demise due to an accidental tumble. If you’re clumsy like me or just want ultimate peace of mind, a heavy-duty protective case is a must. In this blog, we’ll countdown the top 10 cases proven to defend phones against drops, from subtle everyday covers to hardcore construction-grade armor. Whether you work in risky fields or have butterfingers like me, one of these cases will securely safeguard your screen no matter how many drops!

#10. Speck Presidio Grips
A classic option, Presidio Grips feature a soft-touch design that feels great in-hand while defending against drops up to 13 feet high. Raised bezels lift the screen off surfaces while impact-absorbing materials cushion impacts all around. Speck uses their Military Standard testing to prove the defense, offering peace of mind without bulk. Great for everyday protection with a subtle style.

#9. Apple Silicone Case with MagSafe
Apples’ own Silicone Case with MagSafe attachment magnets adds fantastic protection and wireless charging capabilities. The soft, grippable silicone exterior defends against abrasions while inside walls cushion drops up to 6 feet. Raised edges and scratch-resistant surfaces defend screens while maintaining slim profiles for all latest iPhone models. A perfect blend of style and security.

#8. Incipio DualPro
The Incipio DualPro stands out for its dual-layer design combining a soft outer shell with a rigid inner skeleton to absorb impacts from all angles. Its AirSpace Technology uses intentional weak points that compress to diffuse impact energy away from the phone. Tested for drops up to 12 feet, this case is nowhere near as bulky as its protection abilities.

#7. OtterBox Commuter Series
OtterBox is arguably the most well-known name in heavy-duty protection, and their Commuter Series doesn’t disappoint. Three-layer construction uses a soft inner slipcover paired with a hard plastic outer shell and raised bezel. Drops from up to 13 feet cause no issues thanks to their proprietary Material Science technology. Attention to detail makes ports easy to access too.

#6. Ghostek Covert for Samsung
Ghostek designs this military grade case specifically for Samsung Galaxy devices with a two-piece design. An impact-absorbing elastomer inner layer cushions hits, while a rigid exoskeleton outer shell deflects them away from sensitive components. It even passed their insane 30-foot drop tests! Port covers add to the sleek yet rugged MIL-SPEC protection.

#5. Gear 4 Crystal Palace
Transparent backing lets the beauty of your phone shine through but Gear 4’s Crystal Palace remains no slouch on protection, rated to withstand drops up to 13 feet. Its 3x impact-resistant material construction combines a dual-layer clear polycarbonate back with impact bumper surround. Raised screen edges and port covers ensure complete coverage for show-through defense.

#4. Incipio Organicore
One of Incipio’s greenest options, the Organicore uses 65% plant-based materials for 10-foot drop protection in a slim, grippy package. Strategically placed air cushions inside absorb shock on impact while the soft-touch TacticalGrip coating provides excellent grippability. Certified apple authorized and warrantied against manufacturer defects, it protects both your device and the environment!

#3. RhinoShield SolidSuit
For a case as tough as its name suggests, check out RhinoShield’s SolidSuit rated for multiple drops from up to 20 feet or more. Hardened shock plates line the inside for rigid protection, while a soft exoskeleton gel skin dissipates impacts externally. Raised bezels ensure screen coverage too. A military standard case that’s nearly indestructible yet slim-fitting.

#2. Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro
Made from 35% military grade materials, Supcase’s Unicorn Beetle Pro offers uncompromising shockproof protection in a multifunctional case. Its dual-layer DefenseShield defends from 18-foot drops onto concrete while maintaining ports, buttons and wireless charging. Additionally included screen shields provide full-face coverage for extreme peace of mind.

#1. LifeProof FRĒ
For ultimate peace of mind on the go, choose LifeProof’s FRĒ. As the world’s only truly waterproof smartphone case, it protects against accidental immersions up to 6.6 feet deep for 30 minutes as well as drops up to 6 feet high. This case also delivers antimicrobial protection to keep germs at bay. Put your phone through anything with confidence!

In conclusion, any of these top 10 cases will provide excellent protection against accidental drops and tumbles. Whether you need lightweight protection for everyday use or heavy-duty armor for risky work, there is an option here for every need and phone model. For the absolute highest levels of resilient defense across multiple risk factors, the LifeProof FRĒ excels as the only truly waterproof choice as well. Whichever you choose, your valuable device deserves to be safeguarded by a case engineered to keep it protected for years of use. With the expert advice provided here, selecting the ideal guardian for your smartphone is easy.